(2020) Collaboration with People + Place for Traversing Terrains alternative guidebook published by More Than Ponies

Most like you
(2020) video sketch response to 'The Space Between' by Adam James via John Hansard Gallery
being disembodied 
(2020) Edition of 5 Artist books. Single A4 sheet, inks. People + Place (mail)
Love Kept Us Warm
(2019) by Stair/Slide/Space artist collective. Participative exhibition with active research and community engagement. John Hansard Gallery.
​​​Printed carpet (2mx 3.5m). (((0))) live art event (activated with performance by Lee Welch) and IMMA, Ireland.
(2014) Digital photographic drawings, p
rinted vinyl (dimensions variable). Station Independent Projects, New York.
Subterranean Typologies 
(2013) Monochrome screen-prints, ink-less embossings, pins, dense paper boards (dimensions variable). 
Belfast Print Works Gallery for Belfast Photo Festival.
Object Lessons 
(2013) Mixed-media installation with transparencies, light-boxes, chalk (dimensions variable).
Masonic Lodge, Birr Festival, Ireland.

A Cave
(2012) 'gift' posters stacked on granite slabs (90 x 60 x 22 cm).
For Horizon Sprawl at Ormston House, Limerick, Ireland.
(2010) Etched perspex, spray paint (dimensions vary)
For Expo at Permanent Gallery, Brighton.
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