Most like you
(2020) video sketch response to 'The Space Between' by Adam James via John Hansard Gallery
being disembodied 
(2020) Edition of 5 Artist books. Single A4 sheet, inks. People + Place (mail)
Love Kept Us Warm
(2019) by Stair/Slide/Space artist collective. Participative exhibition with active research and community engagement. John Hansard Gallery.
​​​Printed carpet (2mx 3.5m). (((0))) live art event (activated with performance by Lee Welch) and IMMA, Ireland.
(2014) Digital photographic drawings, p
rinted vinyl (dimensions variable). Station Independent Projects, New York.
Subterranean Typologies 
(2013) Monochrome screen-prints, ink-less embossings, pins, dense paper boards (dimensions variable). 
Belfast Print Works Gallery for Belfast Photo Festival.
Object Lessons 
(2013) Mixed-media installation with transparencies, light-boxes, chalk (dimensions variable).
Masonic Lodge, Birr Festival, Ireland.

A Cave
(2012) 'gift' posters stacked on granite slabs (90 x 60 x 22 cm).
For Horizon Sprawl at Ormston House, Limerick, Ireland.
(2010) Etched perspex, spray paint (dimensions vary)
For Expo at Permanent Gallery, Brighton.
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