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'A letter from Doggerland' is an ongoing series of letters, exchanged through the shared practice of Gemma Gore (Southampton, UK) and Jo Willoughby (Rotterdam, NL) as 'from Doggerland'.
Working together from Doggerland is a practice of together we re/connect through the submerged site of Doggerland that once connected the UK to continental Europe, now covered by the tides of the North Sea. 'from Doggerland' highlights that even in distance, the imperative to come together through creeping tides and changing climate. Since 2021 Jo and Gemma have been corresponding, writing across the waves that forms an ongoing series of works under the title: a letter from Doggerland. These works activate letter writing as a form of study of the liminal space between the artists. Letter writing as a hopeful act of re/connection throughout uncertain times. 

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A letter from Doggerland: 11th March 2023
10.5 x 240cm paper, stitched together, folded + botanical ink.
A letter from Doggerland