from Doggerland 2021 
Collaboration with Jo Willoughby (NL)
 inscrutable unfathomable beings 2021 
Online artwork
Nocturnes 2021
Durational series of silent looping digital videos.

fingers are holding a book open, next to the same fingers printed on the pages of the book open, along with other digital collaged imagery, including maps, photos of horses on the cusp of a hill and text following a curvy line.
Ricochet (2020)
Collaboration with People + Place alternative guidebook published by More Than Ponies
being disembodied (2020)
Edition of 5 Artist books. Single A4 sheet, inks. 
Love Kept Us Warm (2019)​​​​​​​
Participative exhibition with active research by Stair/Slide/Space artist collective.

Frame (2014)
Digital photographic drawings, printed vinyl (dimensions variable).
Subterranean Typologies (2013)
Monochrome screen-prints, ink-less embossings, pins, dense paper boards (dimensions variable).
Object Lessons (2013)
Mixed-media installation with transparencies, light-boxes, chalk (dimensions variable).
Stretcher/Runner (2013) 
​​​Printed carpet (2mx 3.5m)

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