'Subterranean Typologies' is a body work consisting of screen prints and blind etchings on paper, surveying social histories and geological characteristics of under-ground locations.

Starting from an interest in the psychological experience of being underground, I became curious about the motivations for us as humans to go under-ground. What do such places offer that is not present at the ground's surface? 

Collecting online imagery from locations such as underground fortified cities in Turkey, guerrilla resistance tunnel systems in Vietnam, salt mines in Northern Ireland, prehistory touristic destinations , a Dark Matter research station under the North Sea and more. I devised an approach that predefined the image mono-colour and position on the paper according to geological data from each location. 'Subterranean Typologies' presents a picture of the social histories of going underground.
Subterranean Typologies (2013)
Screen-prints and embossings pinned on dense paper boards (dimensions variable)
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