'Stretcher/Runner (Cube)' is digital drawing of the stretcher or runner bond formed into an open topped cube printed onto carpet. 

Becoming curious about the names of the various brick patterns within buildings and how the patterns relate to the character and history of the place they are found in. Brick patterns or 'brick bonds' have diferent names across locations. This research became a spring board for thinking about movement and activation of art works. Struck by the most simple brick bond "stretcher" or "runner" and how it could be interpreted as movements. Stretcher/Runner (Cube) is a flexible platform for creating movements or stagings within the projected space of a void of the cube.

Stretcher/Runner (Cube) was conceived of in the spirit of collaboration, originally commissioned as a platform for activation during (((O))), a live art programme curated by Lee Welch and Teresa Gillespie.

Stretcher/Runner (Cube) (2013)
Printed carpet. 2m x 3.5m.
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