Outside-in (2020)
Lead artist for Space to Create! online workshop for John Hansard Gallery (JHG), Southampton, UK.
Recipe for Cooperation (2019)
Stair/Slide/Space Workshop for teachers, Southampton Cooperative Learning Trust.

Street Art
(2019) Digital and engagement artist for three tarmac ​​​street-scapes, 6m x 4.2 m. John Hansard Gallery and Southampton City Council.

Weave the city (2019)
Lead artist for Space to create! Workshop for Street Art Community Takeover. JHG.
Zine the city (2019) 
Lead artist for Space to create! Workshop for Street Art Community Takeover. JHG.
Love Kept Us Warm (2019)
Participative exhibition with active research and community engagement. by Stair/Slide/Space collective. JHG.
Natural Dye Garden/Curtain (2019)
Curator of project by artists Lizzie Jones and Celeste Ingrams.
Utilising participative skills–share methodologies with the artist community to create a natural dye garden and a curtain for the studios. 'a space' arts.
Arches Open Studios (2019)
Programme curator, co-designed with artist community. 'a space' arts. Images from Chris Cudlip clay sculpture workshop and Natural Dye workshop by Lizzie Jones and Celeste Ingrams.
Our house (2019)
Space to create! Workshop as part of Stair/Slide/Space ​​​​​​​ Associateship. JHG.
Everyday objects (2018) 
Lead artist for Space to create! Workshop responding to exhibition 'Not a decorator...' exhibition by Lisa Watts. JHG.
Pendulum and marble painting workshop (2018) 
Lead artist for Southampton City: Big Draw Play the City. JHG.
'easy' chairs (2018) 
Participative furniture adapted from Gerrit Rietveld crate furniture design, made at Open Studios event and subsequent skills–share workshops for Arches Studios, 'a space' arts, Southampton, UK.
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