'Object Lessons' is a multi-media installation where five origami exercises are each set on a child size table with an inscribed grid system. The tables are arranged in a circle. 

Wishing to explore some of the themes of the 19th century educator Friedrich Froebel who foregrounded creativity, play and understanding of the natural world, in the development of the kindergarten approach, I devised an exercise around the platonic solids. These five polyhedra forms of the platonic solids had been associated with the five elements of the universe by Plato in his book 'Timaeus'.

Originally commissioned as part Birr Festival, Ireland. The work 'Object Lessons' draws upon the local history of the town where in 1845 Lord Rosse of Birr Castle who had built an early telescope through which recorded the image of the Whirlpool Galaxy in .

Object Lessons (2013)
Mixed-media installation with transparencies, light-boxes, chalk (dimensions variable)
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