Nocturnes (vegetal portraits)

Nocturnes (2021-ongoing) (Screenshot)

"I had no other alternative but asking nature to teach me how I could preserve and cultivate life, beginning with my own life" 
Luce Irigary and Michael Marder Through Vegetal Being 

Nocturnes, are a multi-channel series of silent looping videos
An artist friend who I correspond with asked me when we were chatting on WhatsApp one day, “What is your garden like?” We were talking about our closest soil, and she was wanted to conjure an image of what grew in there. In my closest soil. I wondered how to share this vegetal portrait, the story of the place where I dwell the most, the place that through the making of the garden with my partner and contributions from our children, is most like me.

Using the dark of night-time as a filter for extraneous elements. I picked up a torch and began searching and inquiring with the plants. How does the wind move their foliage?  How does the light illuminate and diffuse within the vegetal cells?  How much weight does rain add to the leaves?  How do the plants change over the seasons? Responding to the vegetal as a living, growing muse, I wanted for the work to be a series of fleeting glimpses, across time that corresponds with ideas of duration, succession and seasonality. Nocturne (vegetal portrait) is a current project being developed over 12 months, initiated in May 2021.

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Nocturnes (2021-ongoing) (Screenshot)

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