Visual artist, educator and writer Gemma Gore, based in Southampton, UK. 

Throughout my practice I seek to create intimate, sensuous spaces of unknowingness, to learn and unlearn, gesturing towards the stories I wish to tell (all the while, the more distantly they look back). 
         What did I forget?
Weaving together oscillations of analogue, hand made/IRL experiences and digital processes and encounters, I work in relation to specific relationships, contexts and situations hoping to build a symphony of awareness, where utterances of the physical and psychic capacities of bodies are reposed. Thinking through feelings, images, space, sounds and movements. 
         Gulping calm, anticipation permeates.
I work by submerging, agitating and suspending, drawing together people, words, code, photography and drawings, materials and immaterials towards an ongoing research of bodies throughout earth. Reaching through the gulf of distance, looking through water, in all its fluent forms, connecting to every body throughout the bodies.
         Stones, leaves, soil, mucus, heavy breath.
Life in exile, how to unlearn individualism and draw closer towards shared knowledge, metaphor and open-ended notions of selfhood? How to collectively imagine beyond this now?

Grounded in positions of disability, motherhood, queer-ecology and radical vulnerability I’m concerned with exploring dialogue throughout the questions:
How can we all be different together and build trust? 
How can we care all the time? 
What possibilities might digital technologies present to aid us back towards ourselves and earth?

Awarded Arts Council England Develop Your Creative Practice fund in 2021 for self-initiated R&D project Tender. Exhibitions include NewBridge Projects (Newcastle, UK), John Hansard Gallery (Southampton, UK), Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin, Ireland), Ormston House (Limerick, Ireland) and Station Independent Projects (New York, USA).

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