Language feels simultaneously awkward and compelling. Water as a metaphor of being. 
         What can I remember?
Weaving together oscillations of analogue, hand made/IRL experiences and digital processes and encounters, I work in relation to specific relationships, contexts and situations hoping to build a symphony of awareness, where utterances of the physical and psychic capacities of (human) body/s are reposed. Thinking through feelings, images, sounds, moods. 
         Gulping calm, anticipation permeates.
I work with people, text, drawing, materials and video towards an ongoing research of body/s within landscape/earth. Reaching through the gulf of distance, through water, in all its fluent forms, connecting to every body within the body.
         Stones, leaves, soil, mucus, heavy breath.
Living in exile from earth, how to unlearn individualism and draw closer towards shared knowledge, metaphor and open-ended notions of selfhood? How to collectively imagine beyond this now?

         -  GG March 2021

Group show, Bruton Correspondence School. Bruton, UK.
Online group exhibition, Eastside Projects, UK.

Research and development project. Funded by Arts Council England.
Practice based research project with Jo Willoughby (NL)
Giving myself permission to initiate reciprocal conversations about practice
People + Place 
Artists peer network member. More Than Ponies and 'a space' arts.

Distributed Devices Screening/Simupoem
Curated by Micheál O'Connell AKA Mocksim, University of Sussex Festival of Ideas.
Living Buildings
On-line Space to Create! Workshop activity. John Hansard Gallery.
Lead artist, collaboration with People + Place for Traversing Terrains, More Than Ponies.
Dropping Out - Artists Make Change 
Peer Learning Group with Stair/Slide/Space, Airspace Gallery and A_N 
On-line Space to Create! workshop activity. John Hansard Gallery.
Sounds Library 
Arts Territory Exchange and MUCK
People + place (mail) 
Correspondence art exchange with People and Places. More Than Ponies and 'a space' arts.
Recipe for Cooperation
Stair/Slide/Space workshop for teachers within Southampton Cultural Learning Trust
Street Art
Artist for participative, public art. Guildhall Square, Southampton. John Hansard Gallery and Southampton City Council. 
Furniture design at Gods House Tower. ‘a space’ arts
Love Kept Us Warm
Exhibition by stair/slide/space with public engagement. John Hansard Gallery.
Natural Dye Garden/Curtain
Project curator with artists Celeste Ingram and Lizzie Jones. 'a space' arts.
Everyday Objects workshop
Space to Create! workshop at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.
Pendulum painting workshop 
As part of 'Big Draw Southampton' at John Hansard Gallery in partnership with ‘a space’ arts, Solent Showcase and Southampton City Gallery. 
"Easy" Chairs
Legacy project for Arches Open Studios, ’a space' arts, Southampton.
40 cubed 
Group exhibition. Crescent Arts Centre Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
More than one maker 
Group exhibition curated by Janice Hough. Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland. 
Irish Art Does Not Exist 
Group exhibition curated by Shane Harrington. Station Independent Projects, New York, USA.
Scratching the Surface 
Group exhibition curated by Orlaith Treacy. Occupy Space, Limerick, Ireland.
Subterranean Typologies 
Solo exhibition, Belfast Photo Festival at Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Periodical Review #3 
Group exhibition curated by Gavin Murphy, Mark Cullen, Matt Packer and Michele Horrigan. Pallas Projects, Dublin, Ireland.
Group exhibition/weekend event curated by Lee Welch and Teresa Gillespie. Clonlea Studios, Dublin, Ireland. 
Quiet Variations on a Town 
Group exhibition curated by Caelan Bristow. Birr, Ireland. 
Subterranean Typologies 
Solo exhibition as part of Belfast Photo Festival. BPW, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Artists on Architecture
Group exhibition curated by Oonagh Young. Group show. Birr, Ireland.
Horizon Sprawl 
Group exhibition curated by Stéphanie Bertrand.  Ormston House, Limerick, Ireland.
After the Future, EVA International 
Exhibition module design for biennial curated by Annie Fletcher. Limerick, Ireland.

Traversing Terrains (2020) Published by More Than Ponies
Re:action (2020) Published by University of Southampton Research and enterprise magazine. 
40 cubed (2017) Published by Belfast Print Workshop from 40th anniversary group exhibition

Correspondence art in a time of social distancing. An online conversation between Michael Crane, author of Correspondence Art: Source Book for the Network of International Postal Art Activity (1984) and People and Places artist network.
Collaboration: The dark side of the Multitude? Chair of discussion with speakers: Lizzie Jones, Dianna Djokey, Vickie Fear and Paul Smith (Boredom Research). 'a space' arts.

Develop Your Creative Practice Arts Council England
Artist Mentoring Programme Zelda Art
Artists Make Change Peer-Learning Bursary

Belfast Photo Festival based at Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Associate Artist Residency Stair/Slide/Space collective. John Hansard Gallery.

2011 Post-graduate Certificate Landscape Architecture. University of Greenwich, London, UK.
2010 Social Anthropology module 
Space and Place. Birkbeck University College London, UK.
2002-5 BA(hons)
Wood Metal Ceramics and Plastics 1st Class. University of Brighton, UK.
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